Risk No. 22 + Jamey

[Risk No. 22] Visit your local grocery store and find one person to encourage or pray for.

[Risks No. 948 & 949] I met up with a couple of friends at a local brewery/restaurant last night. I sampled two beers, they were both horrible. Jamey, however, our server – was awesome. He was born in San Jose, Costa Rica but lived his whole life in the states – to the point where he doesn’t even know Spanish. He dropped a few “f-bombs” while we were talking but we continued to smile and make conversation with him. During the time with my friends I asked God to give me a word of encouragement for Jamey – to help me see the gold in him. For the longest time I wasn’t sensing/hearing/thinking anything but I continued to praise God for being my Father and friend.

When it came time to check-out, I asked Jamey if he had a minute to take a seat. He did. I shared with him how we were all Jesus-followers and how I had been praying for God to give me something encouraging to pass along. Asked if I could share what (only a few minutes prior) I sensed God was saying. “Sure.” Shared several different things about Jamey – the way I saw him – and encouraged him. Shared very boldly how I saw Jesus reviving his life and lighting him on fire for the kingdom. He listened. Asked if I could pray a blessing over him. “I guess so? What do you need me to do?” Just hold my hand. Prayed a blessing over him and asked if any of the things I shared made sense to him – also asked him to be honest and not feel bad if they didn’t. “No, absolutely. They all applied to me.” Praised God and thanked Jamey for who he was.

On the way out, I asked the seating hostess if she had any pain. “Nope.” Great. Extended my hand, looked her in the eyes, and began speaking value over her. Reminding her that God loved her immensely.

Was reminded of the 33 risks challenge and left Jamey a $20 tip on an $8 bill.