Risks No. 23 – 28

I was out of town and fell way behind in posting here. Here’s to catching up!

[Risks No. 23 – 28] Find one person in your day with an obvious physical ailment and ask them what happened/their story. Offer to pray.

Get together with some friends and spend an hour or two asking God to show you people to pray for/encourage in your community.

Give something away to someone who has a need for that item. Ask friends if they’re aware of anyone who needs whatever the item is.

The next time you check out at the store, ask your clerk how they are doing and how you can pray for them. Ask if they deal with any pain or physical issues.

When you’re at church, ask God for one person you can pray over or encourage.

Fast from all social media and TV/Movies. No FB, IG, Twitter, etc. Use your extra time to talk to Jesus or those around you.

Here’s a quick update on risks taken while in Connecticut recently:

[Risks No. 950 – 957] Joani had just mentioned how he wanted a hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts when Laura, one of the flight attendants on our flight to Hartford, walked on board with a Dunkin Donuts cup. We greeted her and laughed at the coincidence. Joani shared how he felt God was going to do something special in her life. She came back, we introduced ourselves, and we began talking about Come&Live! and why we were headed to Connecticut. Turns out she lives just north of Nashville and loves Jesus. She began tearing up as she shared that her son, Jared, was soon being dispatched to Liberia. Felt she also got hit hard with allergies and that something was going on in her left wrist/arm/shoulder. Prayed together. Super sweet.

Prayed for an elderly lady with left knee issue walking toward baggage claim.

Prayed and spoke encouraging words to Michelle and Laura at Max Burgers.

Prayed for Sarah who, when I asked how I could pray, asked for world peace. Shared how people rarely seem to ask for peace and that I was encouraged she would ask.

Prayed for Mary & Laura at BWW’s – arthritis/pain in wrists healed.

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