Risk No. 32 + Swim Meet

[Risk No. 32] Give an offering to your parents (or a couple that you know) to spend on a date and offer to watch their kids/your siblings.

[Risk No. 958 – 965]

Our family was at a swim meet in Manchester. I almost immediately noticed several obvious outward ailments and wrestled with whether or not to step out in this setting. I asked God for grace and He, as always, supplied. So often I feel that I simply don’t have what it takes to live life on risk. It’s actually a true statement. Of my own energy, I don’t have the goods. But what I do have is the living Spirit of God indwelling me and He is MORE than able to help. Here’s a summary:

Donna – left wrist immobilizer. Prayed for her wrist and encouraged her.

Elizabeth – shared a word about the emphasis she’s been placing on working hard and applying herself in greater fullness. Asked if it made sense. “Yeah, totally. It’s actually really weird that you know that.” Well, it’s all Jesus. He loves you!

Lisa – boot on her right foot. Encouraged her and prayed over her foot. (Note: Beth saw her two days later no boot and, to her surprise, her foot was completely better).

Don – hunched back due to a spine that was fused together. Tons of pain and lack of movement. Encouraged him, talked about his skepticism and discouragement with what he’s seen in Christians. Prayed over him. No pain currently. Hugged.

Linda – she was sitting next to Beth & I while watching the kids race and I felt this weird pain in my back. Immediately I thought it was for Linda but then ignored the thought. Later, before leaving, I asked her. She indeed has serious back problems and was stoked that I offered to pray. No pain present.

Chris – Starbucks, shared a word with him about school and the break he was in and just prayed a short blessing over his decision-making.

Becky – older lady with her arm in a sling. Torn rotator-cuff. Surgery scheduled for a couple weeks after I had met her. Prayed over her and encouraged she and her husband.