Risk No. 33 + Brian

[Risk No. 33] Visit your local hospital, pick any floor, and ask the first nurse you find if there’s anyone on that floor that could really use prayer. Share with them how you’re on the 33 risk journey and ask how you can pray for them. Pray for them and whoever they direct you to.

[Risk No. 966] Brian is our trash man. He weekly comes up our hill to retrieve our junk. Last year I felt we should bless him with a small gift and I wanted to do the same this year. I had to borrow cash from Sydney as I didn’t have any on me. He came early and Sydney went piggie-bank hunting. I ran out with a wad of cash, thanked him for the kind service he provides us with (prior to him driving up the hill we were walking trash cans up/down a crazy steep hill). Asked how his family was and if there were any prayer needs. “No, everyone’s doing pretty well.” Asked about him and any head/neck stuff going on. “Actually, I do feel like a bit of a head cold coming on.” Held hands, prayed and rebuked his cold. Awkward but awesome hugs.

Merry Christmas!