Saturday Errands.

[Risks No. 967 – 969]

I was out running Saturday morning errands with my 9 year-old, David. We hit up Lowe’s first and met BJ on the hunt for blinds. I asked if she had any left knee pain which she did not. She asked why and I explained this risk journey and words of knowledge. She looked at us intently and passionately stated, “I’m a Christian too!” Awesome. She began telling us her story which was incredible. The grace of God mightily on display in the life of someone who’s been through “hell” and then some. David and I asked that we pray for her. She heartily agreed. We held hands and prayed. When we were done, she was balling. I mean, sincerely crying. We hugged and praised God for her life and the opportunity to meet.

The check-out lady at Lowe’s was sweet and I felt God would have me encourage her. Spoke a few words of encouragement over her and prayed a quick prayer of blessing. Sweet.

Dennis was our clerk at the Post office. His right arm was in a sling and I asked what had happened. “Torn rotator cuff and the DR’s aren’t sure whether I’ll need surgery or not.” I looked at David and we smiled. I asked Dennis if we could pray and shared how God had given me an expectation to see hurting people healed. He agreed and we awkwardly held hands commanding pain to leave and what was torn to be restored. Didn’t have the gall to ask him what, if anything, he was experiencing.