Hindu Mike.

A flashing light warned me I should drive no further. I have no idea how serious that warning is, but it was inspiration enough to stock-up on coolant resulting in an unexpected random gas station stop. 

From my side of the cash register, I noticed the Hindu man’s Bindi (red dot on his forehead) and asked where he was from. “India.” Cool. I shared how my brother-in-law is Indian and asked how long he’d been in the States. He responded by saying it had been many years and he liked Nashville and Country music culture…

I had woken up that morning with a burning in my chest, like heartburn, but I thought just maybe it was a word of knowledge. I asked my unsuspecting Hindu man if he had any problems with his heart, physically speaking (while trying to help him understand the feelings I was experiencing).

He did not, which is when it dawned on me that I had eaten extremely spicy Asian food the day prior.

I asked if he had any other pain or physical problems. “Yes, my right leg.” He wasn’t sure what had happened but it was always in pain and had been for years. I asked how much pain he felt right then. “Eight out of Ten.”

Offering my hand, I asked the man’s name. “Mike.” I was thinking, “You’re from India and your name is Mike. Right…” But I began praying all the same and commanded pain to leave and right leg to be better. I asked “Mike” to try it out. He did and looked back up to me (after having looked down at his leg) in much awe.

“Oh, you do energy healings?”

Nope. No energy here except Holy Spirit. I asked if Mike had any pain. “No sir, no pain at all.” I explained it was Jesus and that Jesus loved him and cared for every issue. I prayed Mike would continue encountering Jesus.

Praying for strangers (especially when you miss a presumed word-thought thanks to spicy food) is almost always awkward messy before anything extravagant shows up. Offer to pray anyway.

Obedience is ours, results are God’s.