Shocked by Wes.

A couple weeks ago I placed an inspired, optimistic call to a credit card company in hopes of determining whether our family could use points toward a end-of-the-school-year vacation.

Vacation didn’t work out as I was hoping, but I did score a cool conversation out of the deal.

While talking to Wes about points and hotel options, I began scratching simple Spirit-inspired notes in my notepad for him (which, again, I rarely know what is “Spirit-inspired” until after the fact):

“Builder of others. Incredible resource to his team. Saw a mind-picture of a simple, modular, very organized and neatly laid-out, Dwell-inspired home where Wes was actively spending time.”

I shared the above and asked if Wes was considering architecture.

“No, but you did just describe my house.”

Oh, wow. I was shocked and told Wes that if God was capable of giving me a picture of his home, clearly He cared about his life. Wes agreed and I was able to enter into a sweet time of prayer over he and his family.

Sometimes God takes the random credit card calls and turns them into something beautiful.