3 Ways to Finish a Labor of Love Requiring More Labor than Love.

I’m seriously (seriously) stoked to share that my first book, One Thousand Risks: Fighting Fear for an Awkward, Awesome Life with Jesus, is being released on Tuesday, December 5th!

If you’ve ever taken on a project, purely as a labor of love, which initially grew from exciting to eventually overwhelming to unsettlingly impossible, then you understand what this writing experience has been.

Three principles have helped me stay the course on the 30-month process of writing when it required significantly more labor than love.

1. Never stop dreaming.

2. Invite friends to be honest with you.

3. Honor the Holy Spirit.

Read the full post at http://www.chadisliving.com/blog to uncover more of what I’ve learned, what friends are saying about the book, and for an excerpt taken from the book’s introduction.

What inspires you to keep focused on a labor of love requiring more labor than love?

Kind words from friends:

Brian “Head” Welch, Co-Founder / KoRn

“Chad has thrown fear and insecurity aside, allowing Jesus to use him in radical new ways. After reading One Thousand Risks… will you?”

Ryan J. Downey, Longtime Journalist & Artist Manager / Billboard, MTV, The Hollywood Reporter & Artist Manager / Demon Hunter

“One Thousand Risks is a book about forsaking the world in pursuit of saving the world, one person at a time, with the absolute trust of a child in the guidance and faithfulness of our Creator.”

Melody Joy Murray, Founder & CEO / JOYN

“One Thousand Risks takes us powerfully into a different life perspective, one of abandonment and boldness. This book addresses what we all desperately need and never stop wanting: a life more abundant!”