As you likely know, I’ve been working tirelessly on a book project that is incredibly near and dear to my heart.

One Thousand Risks: Fighting Fear for an Awkward, Awesome Life with Jesus will release next Tuesday, Dec. 5th.

The reason I call it a book “project” and not just a “book” is that I believe the potential impact in the lives of Christians desiring spiritual significance is hyper-huge.

You came to mind for a couple of reasons:

1. I value the fact that you’ve been part of this risk-story way back before there was any plan for a book.

2. I believe Jesus has brought us together to transform the world for His glory.

I’d love for you to consider joining my One Thousand Risks Not-So-Secret Prayer/Launch team. 

(No pressure, of course, but if it works for you, I’d be honored to have you.)

Here’s what’s involved, spiritually-speaking (between now and Dec. 5th): 

– Committing to pray (as often as you naturally think about it) that Jesus would be massively glorified through this book project.

Here are some ideas for how you can help, practically-speaking:

Step 1. Read as much (or as little) of One Thousand Risks as you want. (I’ll instantly send you an advance digital copy).

Step 2. Request to be added to the secret Facebook group as a member of the launch team where you can share & receive thoughts/ideas/encouragement with the rest of the group.

Step 3. Post a 5-star review on (Obviously, only if you feel the book deserves it). If you think it is less than 5-stars, I would love to hear from you directly to receive feedback on how I could improve future books.

Step 4. On Tuesday, December 5th – share about the book with your social media outlets – I’ll keep you posted on ideas of what to share.

Many hands make light work.

Step 5. Any other idea that stirs or inspires you is 100% welcome!

Step 6. Order a physical, kindle, or audiobook copy of the book at as a gift for yourself or someone you love.

If you’d like to learn more about the book first, click here.

Kind words from other “influencers” on One Thousand Risks: 

“It was impossible to put this book down!” – Matty Mullins / Memphis May Fire

“After reading One Thousand Risks… will you?” – Brian “Head” Welch / KoRn

“This book addresses what we all desperately need and never stop wanting: a life more abundant!” – Melody Joy Murray / JOYN

“One Thousand Risks is a book about forsaking the world in pursuit of saving the world.” – Ryan J. Downey / Billboard, MTV

“Come&Live! Live with Jesus, live on fire. Be an ambassador of hope.” – Todd White, Lifestyle Christianity

“I’ll be your first buyer! The world needs your words.” – Bob Goff / Love Does

“This book is calling you and me, all of us, to invest in restoring a hurting world by becoming who we were always meant to be.” – Mina Whitlock, YWAM Kona & The Tribe

“You won’t regret it.” – Ray Ortlund, Immanuel Nashville

Thanks for considering.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.